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Where It Began

The idea to build Salted Desert began several years ago when co-owner, Jen, visited a salt room during an out-of-state vacation.

Having been afflicted with a chronic pain condition for many years, she immediately experienced a deep relaxation and calmness during her halotherapy session. After the session ended, she reported an overall reduction in pain level and ease of breathing. She spoke to several clients that had travelled over an hour every week to get dry salt therapy since it was not readily available in their area. Her experience led her into researching the benefits of halotherapy and its potential in alleviating certain respiratory and skin conditions. Much to support her own experience, Jen discovered many accounts of the positive benefits to dry salt therapy being touted by individuals and healthcare providers worldwide.

Halotherapy, as a complementary alternative treatment to traditional Western medicine, was immediately attractive to Jen’s husband and business partner, Pete. As a critical care registered nurse, Pete has spent 12 years working in acute care, providing bedside nursing to critically-ill patients. His passion for teaching disease prevention and good health practices cannot be overstated. He is an advocate for drug-free, non-invasive treatments for the relief of various medical conditions.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Grant, BS, MT

Jennifer Grant, BS, MT, co-owner of Salted Desert, has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services and Nutrition and holds a Massage Therapy certificate. She worked as a licensed massage therapist for many years in chiropractic and spa service environments. She has spent years exploring complimentary alternative health therapies including: acupuncture, yoga, meditation, massage, and reflexology – to name a few. In her free time, Jen enjoys creating multi-media artwork, including decorative gourds, jewelry, and Southwest-inspired masks. A native of the Chicago-land area, she has called Arizona home since 2006.

Pete Grant, BS, RN

Pete Grant, BS, RN, co-owner of Salted Desert, is a registered nurse with over 12 years of acute healthcare knowledge and intensive care nursing experience. His career has spanned many specialty areas including: nursing administration, legal consulting and clinical education. With his medical knowledge of disease and treatment, he can effectively communicate the benefits of Halotherapy to clients and healthcare providers as well. In his free time, Pete enjoys photographing nature, cactus and succulent “nursing”, and golf. A native of the Chicago-land area, he has called Arizona home since 2006. He also enjoys a good Cormac McCarthy book and his eclectic music collection. Most likely, he has more Pink Floyd albums than you do.

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