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Please read the COVID-19 Appointment Protocols we have initiated on the Home page. Your appointment will be scheduled when you receive a notification that it has been accepted. We appreciate your patience with these new protocols that we are temporarily instituting at this time.

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Salted Desert General Rules of Conduct

Before you visit our location, we invite you to observe the following rules…

  • No electronic devices inside the salt booths. Salt loves to corrode metals. Just look under any car that’s survived a few Chicago winters.
  • No talk of race, religion, gender, or politics. We want everyone to feel relaxed and welcome here. Save your manifesto for YouTube.
  • No obscene or foul language. This is a family joint. Think G-rated stuff.
  • No heavy fragrances. Some people are super sensitive to your perfume or cologne and it’ll just ruin their experience. I’m sure you can pull off a natural state of being for an hour.
  • No food or open liquids in the salt booths or on loose salt floor. Sorry, we just can’t risk spillage of any kind. Come to the front and drink from our refreshing water cooler instead.
  • If you require the use of a Service Animal please contact us regarding our Service Animal policy prior to arriving for an appointment.